When is the right time to switch to all season tires
When spring arrives we're always a little happier than usual as we start putting away the winter jackets and boots. For some of us it's about buying or switching to summer or all season tires.
All Season Versus the Summer Tire
As the season is about to change the debate now switches from all season tire versus winter tire to all season tire versus summer tire. When making a decision it's important to understand the benefits and limitations for both.
Vehicle battery performance in the winter
The winter can be a common time for a vehicle's battery to die. You should have your battery checked out and maintenance done in the fall before taking a chance of getting stranded in a snowstorm.
Warming up your car in the cold isn't necessary
There is a long held notion you should turn your car on and let it idle when it's cold outside. That only holds true for carbureted engines.
Are studded tires necessary?
As Canadians we can just skip the question of needing winter tires, but ask ourselves if studded tires are necessary?
Winterize Your Vehicle
As the summer is coming to an end, it's not too early to start thinking about the performance of your car or truck during the upcoming winter.
Signs of a failing suspension system
One of the things vehicle owners often fail to keep in mind is their suspension system. Remember after years of supporting the weight of your vehicle your shocks will become worn and repair becomes necessary.
The Right Time to Replace Your Muffler
Depending on the make, model and condition of your vehicle, repairing your exhaust can be a costly endeavour. Delaying needed repairs can make the price of that repair work to rise significantly.
Brakes - When Should They Be Serviced
It's no secret brakes should be replaced when they are worn, but when to service them is more of a grey area.
Driving On All Season Tires or Winter Tires
The time of year is here again where it getting time to think about your tires for the changing season. For some it could be buying new tires, either the all-season or winter variety and for other it's time to switch to your winter tires. 
Recognizing if you need a tire alignment
Find yourself wondering if your car needs to have an alignment done? First thing you can do is look at your tires as uneven tire wear, which can be more wear on the outside of some tires, can indicate your car is not in alignment.
Warning signs of a bad muffler
Often if a smaller problem is ignored it can become a larger one. If you are having issues with your muffler it is a good idea to look after this sooner than later because the longer you ignore a muffler issue the more it could be and cost in the long run.
Tires Maintenance and Rotation
Tire Rotation is critical to getting the maximum life out of your tires. Your tire manufacturer will provide specific instructions when to rotate your tires, generally every 10,000 km (6,000 miles) or every six months.
Three things for winterizing your vehicle
Winter driving is challenging, but you can keep you and your loved ones safe by preparing your vehicle for the upcoming winter conditions.

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