Recognizing if you need a tire alignment

Find yourself wondering if your car needs to have an alignment done? First thing you can do is look at your tires as uneven tire wear, which can be more wear on the outside of some tires, can indicate your car is not in alignment.

Other indicators can be:

  • Your vehicle feels like it is drifting to one side, even if you think you're driving straight
  • Vibrating steering wheel
  • Your steering wheel isn't centred, but you're driving straight

If you aren't experiencing any of those indicators, but you haven't done an alignment in a while look at your owner's manual to see when this service is recommended.

A car that is out of alignment can be caused by everyday driving. Alignment isn't your vehicle's wheels, but refers to the suspension, which could become worn and springs can be stretched. A small accident or bumping a curb could disrupt your car's suspension resulting in calibrated components being knocked off kilter or your wheel to sit at the wrong angle.

The benefits of alignment are:

  • Less tire wear and when they do wear down it is even
  • A safer right because your vehicle drives straight and handles properly
  • Improved gas mileage as your tires are aligned with the road and have decreased resistance

Our major service package is 39.95 and includes lube, oil and filter, tire rotation and more.