The right time to replace your muffler

Depending on the make, model and condition of your vehicle, repairing your exhaust can be a costly endeavour. Delaying needed repairs can make the price of that repair work to rise significantly. This can also be true of muffler issues. Ideally, problems with your muffler should be addressed right away so they don't become more serious.

Before you attempt to identify the problem we should tell you what your muffler is. It's an important piece in your exhaust system that minimizes the noise that results in the exhaust process. A defective muffler will not only make a lot of noise, but it will cause problems for both the driver and any passengers.

Mufflers are no different than any other vehicle part in that they wear out over time and it's important to be alert to the symptoms of when you need to replace them.

That includes:

  • Listen - Noise is the most noticeable sign you have a bad muffler. When the muffler fails your vehicle will be a lot louder. Keep an ear open for strange or sudden rattling noises. This can be the sound of the muffler becoming loose or broken.
  • Take a look - Take a car jack from time to time and raise your vehicle to give the muffler an inspection. You may be able to spot major issues. Ensure to search for holes or major rush, both could cause a lot of problems.
  • Look for water - When inspecting your muffler look for signs of water dripping from it. Some condensation is considered normal, but if you notice leakage from a few places your muffler is having trouble.
  • Look at the temperature - After letting your vehicle run for a few minutes look at the temperature to see if it's high. Often a bad muffler could cause overheating, something that needs to be looked at immediately.

Auto dealers often don't include muffler replacement in their routine maintenance program. Use these tips to make sure your muffler is working properly and remember it can a good idea to have a professional take a look at your muffler from time to time.

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