Custom Exhaust & Muffler Repair

You wouldn't replace the entire roof of your home because you're missing a few shingles. The same applies to your vehicle's exhaust system.

Many shops don't have the equipment or the trained staff to bend pipe and customize an exhaust system. Some of them are also unable to replace a broken section of your exhaust, a faulty converter, a flex pipe, or your muffler.

Major Discount on Windmill Road is home to the ORIGINAL custom exhaust shop in Halifax/Dartmouth and has been doing this work for over two decades. Why spend money you don't need to in order to replace a perfectly good muffler and why have an exhaust system you don't want?

Call us today and we will give you a FREE no obligation inspection/quote of your full exhaust system and have you driving the way you like...and with money to spare.

Major Discount can fix or replace an exhaust or muffler.

4 wheel alignment starts at $69.95