Warning signs of a bad muffler

Often if a smaller problem is ignored it can become a larger one. If you are having issues with your muffler it is a good idea to look after this sooner than later because the longer you ignore a muffler issue the more it could be and cost in the long run. 

When it comes to a muffler issue, it's not that drivers are ignoring them, but people don't know how to identify if something is wrong under the car. Here three signs to help identify a problem and why you should bring your car into the shop:

1. Loud Noise
A proper working muffler often works quietly in the background of your car. You'll notice a change in the volume coming from the area of your muffler. These types of loud noises are signs to have your muffler checked by a mechanic.

2. Lowered MPG
Better fuel economy is a key benefit of an optimal working exhaust, so keep track of how often you are refuelling. If you are visiting the gas station quite often your vehicle my be having an issue. Newer model vehicles track fuel economy on the dash. Keep an eye on the performance each month and you could catch a problem before it gets to be serious.

3. Bad smells
This is the most dangerous of the three issues. When functioning properly the muffler will funnel exhaust fumes both outside and away from your vehicle. A leak or another problem could cause these fumes to be stuck inside the car. Over time exhaust fumes can be fatal, so if you smell anything visit a mechanic as soon as possible.

A vehicle's exhaust system is most effective when neither seen nor heard. This could also mean that it is out of sight and mind. With your vehicle's muffler, don't overlook any possible maintenance, look for these three warning signs and give us or your local auto repair shop a call.

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