Five things you need to know about winter tires

Are winter tires worth it? The simple answer is yes.

Below are five reasons you should take into consideration when deciding if you should make the investment and purchase a set of winter tires as the weather has changed and the snow has started to fly.

1. Snow isn't the only factor, take temperature into consideration.

You may think all season tires can handle anything to do with the weather around here, but that's incorrect. They don't handle snow or cold temperatures well. At around seven degrees celsius all season tires become harder and lose their stick and grip. It doesn't matter if the road is dry or you're driving in snow, slush, ice, rain or any other road condition that isn't optimal you'll experience:

  • Longer stopping distances
  • Decreased traction
  • Maneuverability being inhibited

Winter tires are designed for colder weather using rubber that works in the temperatures where all season tires fail.

2. All wheel or front wheel drive isn't enough

All wheel drive assists in maneuverability when you're in situations where your vehicle is stuck and need to start moving. It does nothing when it comes to stopping or steering.

Drivers of front wheel drive vehicles are no better off. Remember whatever you use to drive/move isn't what you're using to stop. All vehicles use four wheel braking and two-wheel steering. What's important is what touches the road.

3. ABS, traction control and stability control aren't as useful as you think in winter conditions

These are great vehicle features, especially anti-look brakes and electronic stability control, but they don't make any real difference without the right tires for the conditions.

ABS will brake your vehicle as much as possible no matter the condition of your tires and ESC will go a step further and selectively brake your wheels to prevent spinning as you slide. In order for them to save lives they need tires that provide all possible advantages for the different conditions.

4. Staying off the roads or driving slowly isn't always the solution

Some people think driving slower or staying off the road is the best way to handle winter driving conditions. Both are somewhat true, but consider that these can both be used as arguments to confirm there is a big risk in not purchasing winter tires.

There are road conditions beyond the skillset of any driver. We possess technology to assist us and winter tires utilize some the finest technology advancements for driving in winter conditions.

Staying home isn't always an option in the case of family or medical emergencies, food situations, etc. Why not have winter tires and rims and give yourself a basic and meaningful driving advantage?

5. A little bit of prevention can save lives

Consider if you, your family or friends are in a crash that was preventable if you had winter tires. Remember you won't always have the chance for a do over. There are numerous accidents, some resulting in death, each year attributed to drivers losing control of their vehicle because the tires weren't suitable for the road conditions.

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