Suspension Dartmouth

Your vehicle's suspension does a number of important things when it comes to the smooth operation of your vehicle. In addition to making your ride a comfortable experience it also makes it safer. If you have concerns about your suspension bring it to us at Major Discount on Windmill Road in Dartmouth.

Your suspension is responsible for the following when it comes to the safe performance of your vehicle:

  • It keeps all four tires on the ground to provide sufficient braking power
  • Stops your vehicle from rolling over or losing conrol when cornering

If you suspect your suspension is not up to par keep your eyes open for some of these signs and bring your vehicle to us right away:

  • Roll over sensation - feels like your vehicle will roll over and happens if the anti-sway bar fails
  • Oily struts - you'll notice oil leaking from the struts and the ride includes some jarring and is not as comfortable.
  • Low corner of car - one corner looks lower than the others, but the tires are adequately inflated
  • More bouncing than usual - after pushing the hood or trunk in order to make it bounce up and down the vehicle should be back to its normal ride height within three-four bounces, otherwise you may have suspension failure

Your suspension is a contributing factor to a comfortable and safe driving experience. When experiencing suspension issues with your vehicle don't delay having it repaired. At Major Discount we can inspect it for you and determine what needs to be repaired if necessary.

Do a 4 wheel alignment starting at $69.95 when having your suspension checked.